Outstanding Chess Exhibition
in Hamburg



Isaak Linder u. Juri Awerbach

Isaak Linder and Yuri Averbakh
in front of the "Russian Big Three"
(Emanuel Schiffers, Ivanovich Chigorin and Simon Alapin)
from the Cycle "Schach" (1982) by Alfred Hrdlicka

As usual our time was too much restricted to discuss everything in detail and to see all sights, at about 3:30 p.m. several members of the Lasker Society met for a chat over a coffee in the "Destille", the nice museum restaurant.

Beim Kaffeeklatsch

Andreas Saremba, Frau Saremba, Frau Hansen, Stefan Hansen,
André Schulz (from ChessBase)

The main point was the planned inauguration of a Berlin Lasker museum situated in the premises of the Dorland company whose executive shareholder Stefan Hansen shows an excellent personal commitment to realize this idea. The Ken Whyld Association will surely help and support within the bounds of possibility.


Jurgen Stigter, Lothar Schmid, Susanna Poldauf, Andreas Saremba,
Mr. and Mrs. Liermann (unfortunately turning their back on the camera),
Barbara Holländer and Egbert Meissenburg standing behind

We will inform you at the next meeting in Brunswick (Friday, 17 June 2005 in the House of Klittich-Pfankuch) or at the general meeting in Amsterdam at the latest (Thursday, 15/09/2005 till Saturday, 17/09/2005 in the Max Euwe-Centrum) about further details of possible cooperations and joint meetings of the CCI International, the Emanuel Lasker Society and the Ken Whyld Association.

I (M.N.) can only express my thanks to Marianne and Hans Krieger and to Christian Zickelbein from the "HSK 1830", as well as to Thomas Thomsen and to Barbara and Hans Holländer who made this great day in Hamburg possible. Furthermore I say thank you to Andreas Saremba for letting me have several pictures and for a first impressive demonstration of our database portal to the "Universal Bibliography of Chess"– more about that also in Amsterdam at the latest.

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