Outstanding Chess Exhibition
in Hamburg


Among other things Hans Krieger told about Otto von Bismarck and the chess set being visible in the exhibition (on loan from the Bismarck-Stiftung [Bismarck Foundation] in Friedrichsruh; Catalogue p. 173), Thomas Thomsen about the coming activities of the CCI International and its national groups respectively. Surely the reports of Yuri Averbakh about a collector’s meeting at Moscow (July 28 – August 1, 2005) and of Massimiliano De Angelis about the annual meeting of the Italian CCI were interesting for the members of the Ken Whyld Association as well.


In the hall in the foreground on the right Mrs. Hope Levene and Dr. Benjamin Levene,
our most recent and at the same time surely oldest KWA member from Bedford, NY (USA).

Im Vortragssaal

Thomas Thomsen, left, and Hans Krieger
in front of the audience


I was deeply impressed by the report Ralf Buchholz gave on the restoration of a Persian/Indian chess table in the possession of Thomas Thomsen – the fantastic result of this work may be admired in the exhibition (Catalogue p. 177).

Ralf Buchholz

Ralf Buchholz giving his lecture
Christian Zickelbein

Christian Zickelbein,
chairman of the "HSK von 1830"

Egbert Meissenburg told in his "dry style" about the historico-cultural development of the chess board, finally Barbara and Hans Holländer gave explanations of the concept and the contents of the exhibition.

Egbert Meissenburg

Thomas Thomsen
 top: Thomas Thomsen and
Massimiliano De Angelis

left: Egbert Meissenburg

Hans Holländer

Hans Holländer (left)
and Barbara Holländer
(bottom left)
with alternating lectures

bottom right:
Carlos Boerner from the "Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe"

Barbara Holländer
Carlos Boerner

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