Outstanding Chess Exhibition
in Hamburg


While celebrating the 175th anniversary of the foundation of the "Hamburger SK von 1830" (see KARL 1/05) their members and patrons (first and foremost the couple Marianne and Hans Krieger and the tireless Christian Zickelbein, supported by Barbara and Hans Holländer as well as Thomas Thomsen) have once again achieved something really incredible in this club’s tradition.

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

In the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe on Steintorplatz more than 400 precious exhibits are being presented in five spacious exhibition halls till August 28, 2005 under the title "Schachpartie durch Zeiten und Welten" [A Game of Chess – A Journey through Worlds and Epochs]. Surely the largest exhibition on the subject chess ever put together.

Schachpartie - durch Zeiten u. Welten

A Game of Chess - A Journey through Worlds and Epochs
(Report by Peter Münder; in German only)

Some members of the Ken Whyld Association – for the most part also members of CCI International and/or of the Emanuel Lasker Society - got the chance to attend a guided tour of this exhibition in the course of the CCI Germany meeting in Hamburg on May 20-22, 2005. We would like to inform our members and friends about it by means of several pictures and particularly to encourage them to visit the "Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe".

A leaflet
on the exhibition

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Das Ehepaar Saremba
Marie-Theres and Andreas Saremba
at the entrance of the museum.

Additionally we recommend the wonderful catalogue on the exhibition which came out in the Edition Braus in the Wachter Publishing House, Heidelberg.

Naturally this meeting gave plenty of occasion to conversation – at the dinner the KWA / Lasker people (Jurgen Stigter, new member Norbert Fieberg, Wolfgang Angerstein, Andreas Saremba, Michael Negele and Hans-Jürgen Fresen) were still "by themselves"– Michael Mark kept us company.


Jurgen Stigter, Norbert Fieberg, Wolfgang Angerstein, Michael Mark,
Andreas Saremba, Michael Negele and (in the front) Hans-Jürgen Fresen

After a fantastic fireworks display - the so called "Kirschblüten-feuerwerk" [fireworks of cherry blossoms] above the "Außenalster" by the Japanese Community of Hamburg - there was still far into the night a merry circle in the lobby of the hotel "Reichshof" where a series of lectures of the CCI Germany started the next morning.

CCI-Treffen im Hotel Reichshof

Meeting of the Chess Collectors ...
(by André Schulz; in German only)


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