Guided tour
through the old town centre

Saturday afternoon, 2004-09-18

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Guided tour through the old town centre
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(You may examine the participants under a magnifying glass here!)

In the early afternoon a major part of the participants gathered on their way to the Forchheim old town centre in front of the conference venue "Roter Ochs" for a group photo. Brilliant sunshine and the well-informed guided tour by Udo Güldner made the tour of the town a welcome pleasure.

You will find a photo series on the guided tour
in our
Slideshow III (14 photos)!

In addition we can offer you a virtual
guided tour through Forchheim.


An illustrious circle did without the guided tour through the town, the beer garden close to the inn Roter Ochs also invited for that.

[at the table: Günter Büsing, bernd ellinghoven, Manfred Mittelbach, Norbert Fieberg, Hans-Jürgen Fresen]


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