Book market

Saturday morning, 2004-09-18

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M. Mittelbach & R. Binnewirtz
Experts being by themselves (1): Manfred Mittelbach and Ralf J. Binnewirtz at the table of bernd ellinghoven (-be-).

Richard Forster who is evidently very satisfied with his "(chapter of his) life work" on Amos Burn, on the other hand Hubert Petermann is counting the money for nice chess books.
H. Petermann & R. Forster

H.-J. Fresen, M. Mittelbach, L. Schmid

Experts being by themselves (2): Hans-Jürgen Fresen, Manfred Mittelbach and Lothar Schmid. Next to them Henri Serruys is waiting for customers.

A good chance to get in contact: Manfred Mädler (on the left) meets Andreas Saremba, next to them 7.5 kg "Amos Burn".
M. Mädler & A. Saremba


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