KWA Competition

In our Lasker book project some issues have remained unsolved up to now, our own attempts to solve them were in vain. Therefore we would like to ask for your help in these cases, here is a first question:

The magazine The London Chess Fortnightly (1892-1893) is known to have been published by Emanuel Lasker, but it is also clear that he couldn’t manage this task alone. Who is able to find the name (names?) of Lasker’s assistant(s)?

Please add exact references to your solution, if sources are very rare a scan (or a digital photo) of the corresponding passage would be welcome too.

Please send your solution by e-mail to Michael Negele.

The first competitor with the correct answer will get a prize – a copy of our new book Obliged to Tradition ...

We will soon present further problems of this kind. Among all senders of helpful suggestions a copy of our new Lasker biography (expected publication in 2009) will be raffled off.

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