Meeting in a Chess Collector's Paradise

KWA General Meeting at Cleveland, Ohio
19-21 August, 2011

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Michael Utt (left) with Lary Rust

Sunday morning we had arranged transportation to Lary Rust’s chess shop where he agreed to host the book exchange as the Library was closed. Lary’s shop may be unique in the US as it is situated in a large shopping mall. Lary gave a brief talk on how he decided to locate his shop in a mall and how he operates it. Also both Maurice Carter and Lary Rust had some very nice gifts for us. Then the meeting deteriorated as everyone started combing Lary’s extensive books looking for wants. I am still not sure if Jurgen Stigter has left Lary’s shop till now!

KWA book market at Lary Rust

In Lary Rust's chess shop

Michael Utt

Maurice Carter browsing through the shelves.

Everyone found some great little treasures, there was some friendly blitz games played and we were lucky to have local writer Bob Basalla there with us to talk about chess and the movies. I left with fellow US member Robert Coffman to the airport but I know others continued with some more chess activity.

Bob Basalla with Michael Negele

In concluding, I think we all owe CPL a huge thanks not only for hosting our meeting, but going way beyond that in terms of friendly help in finding and copying items, and being so supportive of our needs. This was the third US meeting I have organized and it may have been the best. I only wish more of us could have attended. There were extensive pictures taken by Michael Negele which should give you a great idea of what this meeting was like.

Andy Ansel

A later letter by Michael Negele (dated 03/09/2011) to the director of the CPL, Felton Thomas, Jr. is readable for our members as well: Letter to the CPL (PDF, in our member section).

The checker world title match: Title holder Alex Moiseyev (Dublin, Ohio)
vs. challenger Michele Borghetti (Italy)

The simultaneously (Friday/Saturday) held world title match of checkers which took place in the auditorium of the CPL and which was accompanied by an exhibition should be mentioned shortly. Unfortunately the general interest was very poor, apart from the two players and five officials only five spectators could be spotted. We offer a selection of photos in this picture gallery.

Bob van de Velde at the bronze gate
to the Eastman Reading Garden.

A short picture series is devoted to the Eastman Reading Garden of the library which shows all kinds of chess relations as well. You will find more information about this original garden on the pages and

Our last two galleries (with 38 pictures each) offer attractive views and impressions of Cleveland:
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