Meeting in a Chess Collector's Paradise

KWA General Meeting at Cleveland, Ohio
19-21 August, 2011

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From left: Kelly Ross, Calle Erlandsson, Jurgen Stigter,
Robert Coffman and Andreas Saremba.

The last speaker for Saturday’s meeting was John G White’s Special Collections Librarian, Kelly Ross. Kelly (who along with the rest of the staff) did an amazing job both before and after the meeting in getting research material and other artifacts available for a large number of members who spent extra time at the library. Here she pulled out some special JGW artifacts and arranged them on a table and was able to explain not only their origin but their importance to White. Also we were told quite a bit about JGW the man, as well as the history of his collection. This talk left us all not only inspired but feeling a little inadequate about our own collections.

The table with the John G. White artifacts

John Griswold White

A table with memorabilia of the American
problemist Edgar Holladay.

Michael Negele presents a gift: Scacchia Ludus volume 1.

Kelly Ross, Pamela Eyerdam, Andreas Saremba and Per Skjoldager

So you think that would be it? Not at all, after a very short break we all adjourned to a local Spanish Tapas restaurant Mallorca and hung out and talked about …chess. Finally around 9:30 or so this weary writer returned to his hotel room, totally drained from a very intellectual day devoted to chess.

Our group in the Mallorca restaurant

"Shake hands" with Marty Hillyer
(and with a little
"transposed letters" in Jurgen's T-shirt print...
Chess is not Sport, Art, or Science... CHESS IS WAR!)

Our Canadian researcher of the origins of chess:
Myron Samsin - finally properly captured on film!

A number of additional pictures from Friday and Saturday are gathered in the two following galleries:
Cleveland Meeting I (26 photos) and Cleveland Meeting II (23 photos).

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