Meeting in a Chess Collector's Paradise

KWA General Meeting at Cleveland, Ohio
19-21 August, 2011

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Below our deputy chairman Andy Ansel gives his personal depiction of the Cleveland meeting.
But beforehand we would point to the greeting of our chairman Guy Van Habberney to the members which you will find in our member section – please read the Cleveland Intro (PDF).

Andy Ansel radiates joy.

Friday afternoon August 19th I showed up at the Special Collections room of the Cleveland Public Library. I found many old chess friends frantically doing chess research before the official start of the KWA Annual meeting. Lunch? Are you kidding – everyone was engrossed in books, papers, magazines. At around 3:30 I was able to head people into the room that Kelly Ross had prepared for our meeting. The room had several large tables as well as about 15-20 chairs. Also on the side were bottles of water as well as some snacks. Let the KWA 2011 meeting in Cleveland begin.


Our members are"absorbed" by their work - John Donaldson (above), Jurgen Stigter (right) und Per Skjoldager (below).


Kelly Ross at her workplace

 The (still) empty meeting room

The room had about 13 KWA members but we were joined by many Cleveland chess regulars as Friday’s meeting was about chess in Cleveland with three different perspectives. To start off, David Presser, a local master who has been active in Cleveland chess since the 1960’s regaled us with stories of the chess personalities and the chess scene in Cleveland. With many interesting and quite amusing tales we were all entertained. He also had a small handout which had some games and other jottings from this very personal look at local chess.

Andy introduces David Presser (on the right).
On the left Robert Coffman and our hosts
Pamela Eyerdam and Kelly Ross.

He was followed by KWA member Lary Rust, a long time Cleveland chess player and retailer who told us about the local chess club scene and the people who ran them. While I can’t speak for everyone, I was amazed at how little I knew about the working of chess in Cleveland.

From left : Bob van de Velde, Andreas Saremba, Jurgen Stigter,
Per Skjoldager, Calle Erlandsson, Michael Utt ...

Finally John Donaldson shared with us one of Cleveland’s contributions to US chess history, the 2nd US Junior Championship 1947. He even had a nice booklet produced for the guests on this important chess event. Not only telling up about where the games were played, the conditions, and the personality of the players, John was able to get some amazing photos of the event. The winner was of course a local player, Larry Friedman, who is virtually unknown among chess players, in fact none of his games are in ChessBase Mega Database 2011.

John Donaldson with his lecture

John Donaldson's booklet for the attendees.

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