Meeting in a Chess Collector's Paradise

KWA General Meeting at Cleveland, Ohio
19-21 August, 2011

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The American part of the Niagara Falls.

The "Horseshoe Falls" on the Canadian side.

Overall view of the two falls separated by Goat Island

Michael Negele in the typical togs on one of the
"Maid of the Mist" boats, quite wet and quite near the Horseshoe Falls.

There is more to learn about the Niagara Falls at Wikipedia (for instance).

In Toronto: Ken MacDonald in front of the St. James Cathedral.

The neo-Gothic St. James Cathedral



Old and modern architecture meet here.

The CN Tower (Canadian National Tower) is
a television tower with 553 metres in height.

The Allen Lambert Galleria - sometimes called
the "crystal cathedral of commerce".

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