Promotion Event of the
Yugoslavian Bibliography

Our member Prof. Dušan Drajić recently informed us that there was a promotion of the Yugoslavian Bibliography in the Serbian Chess Union on November 11th. The Yugoslavian chess legend grandmaster Svetozar Gligorić - meanwhile aged 87 - had appeared as well. Below we reproduce some photos of this meeting.

The work on the second part of the Yugoslavian Bibliography is already in progress, Dušan Drajić has finished the Serbian part and now starts the English translation.

(from left:) S. Rajcić (chairman and chess as well as football trainer!), Dušan Drajić,
Bora Žarić (FIDE International Arbiter; chess historian writing the Serbian
chess history), Duško Vuković.

Now GM Svetozar Gligorić is in the picture as well.


Prof. Dušan Drajić

GM Svetozar Gligorić

[According to Dušan Drajić, 12/11/2010]

There was a promotion event for the second volume of the Yugoslavian Bibliography as well which took place on April 7th, 2011 with the proven team at the Belgrade Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Below we give two pictures.

Special thanks go to our member Leonard Skinner for proof-reading the English parts of the Yugoslavian Bibliography I and II!

(from left:) Prof. Duško Vuković, chairman Sinisa Ruzicić, Prof. Dušan Drajić,
FIDE Arbiter Bora Žarić and GM Svetozar Gligorić.

[According to Dušan Drajić, 08/04/2011]

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