KWA Meeting at Bolzano 18 to 20 May, 2011

Part 3 – The Third Day and the Open Tournament


Text by Luca D’Ambrosio; pictures by Michael Negele unless otherwise noted.

On Friday morning, 20th of May the presentations were given at the Mehrzwecksaal of the Premstallerhof where the chess club ARCI Bozen ( is based and where the 6th international Open tournament was planned for the afternoon. For this day also Tamás Erdélyi and Michael Ehn had arrived from Budapest and Vienna respectively. The following lectures were held in the morning:

Antonio Rosino: The golden age of chess in Venice: 1929-1953
Michael Negele: My finds on Antonius van der Linde
Toni Preziuso: "Odysseus" meets Alekhine. The encounter between a (still)
   unknown journalist and Alekhine at Lisbon 1946. Presentation and open
   questions about a find from the Schweizerische Allgemeine Volkszeitung

The lecture of Antonio Rosino, right in the picture Tamás Erdélyi.

Michael Negele gives his presentation
(photo archives Siegfried Schönle, Kassel).

Michael Negele has provided his quite extensive presentation slides:
- original powerpoint (pptx) file (ca. 40 MB)
- as pdf file (ca. 4.4 MB) - both in the member section.

Toni Preziuso in front of the screen.

On Toni Preziuso's contribution we can offer a pdf file as well (>> member section).

Ermide Sanvito (in the background), Michael Ehn, Toni Preziuso,
Friedrich-Karl Hebeker and Guy Van Habberney.

After the lectures our group visited the library of the chess club ARCI-Bozen which is based in the building - in all likelihood it is the biggest collection of chess books of a club from the Brenner to Verona. The book list is online at
In 2009 a commemorative publication appeared about the still very young chess club.

Commemorative publication on the occasion of the
25th anniversary of the chess club ARCI Bozen.


A birthday photo shouldn't miss here: this day (20th of May)
Calle Erlandsson could celebrate his "69th" - Congratulations!

With a short speech Guy Van Habberney thanked the organizer of the Bolzano KWA meeting, handed him a book present (Bogoljubow, Moskau 1925) and opened the book market.

The book market has opened ...

During the book market Michael Ehn announced his joining the KWA
which was appreciated by those present with an applause (photo by Luca D’Ambrosio).

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