KWA Meeting at Bolzano 18 to 20 May, 2011

Part 2 – The Second Day


The international chess congresses of Meran 1924 took place at the small kursaal. In the first tournament Grünfeld won ahead of Spielmann and Rubinstein, in the second Colle ahead of Canal, Przepiórka and Spielmann.

Group photo Meran 1924, standing from left: Ballaban (reporter), Colle, Selesnieff,
Opočenský, Patay von Báj, Takács, L. Steiner, Koltanowski, Gunsberg (reporter),
Michel (organizing committee).
Sitting from left: Dr. Seitz (tournament director), Dr. Tarrasch, Grünfeld, Rosselli del Turco,
Spielmann, Miliani, Przepiórka, Dr. Grimm (organizing committee).
Of the participating masters only Rubinstein is missing.
(Source: L’Italia Scacchistica No 1 1924)
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Group photo of the participants in the small kursaal, from left: Antonio Rosino, Petra Lootz,
Siegfried Schönle, Toni Prezioso, Regina Corneth, Bert Corneth, Winnifred van de Velde,
Guy Van Habberney, Bob van de Velde, Michael Negele, Friedrich-Karl Hebeker,
Alessandro Sanvito, Ermide Sanvito, Luca D’Ambrosio, Jurgen Stigter.
(photo archives Luca D’Ambrosio, Bozen)
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 At the small kursaal (Pavillon des Fleurs) the international
chess tournaments of 1924 and 1926 took place.

A detail of the small kursaal.

After our return we enjoyed the rest of the evening at the Bolzano restaurant Zum Bogen where our participants could also inspect some local papers (with mentions of our event):

Dolomiten, 19 May 2011, p38
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QuiBolzano, 19 May 2011, p24
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The end of an intensive chess day...

Photo report Part 1 / Part 3

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