KWA Meeting at Bolzano 18 to 20 May, 2011

Part 1 – The First Day


From left: Jurgen Stigter, Luca D’Ambrosio, Friedrich-Karl Hebeker,
Alessandro Sanvito, Ermide Sanvito in the Franciscan monastery
(photo archives Siegfried Schönle, Kassel).

Excerpt from Oskar Minnier: Chess behind barbwire (1)

 Excerpt from Oskar Minnier: Chess behind barbwire (2)

Excerpt from Vida 1537 (photo by Luca D’Ambrosio).

Owner’s stamp on the last page of Vida 1537.

According to a mail by Alessandro Sanvito the framed sentence in the owner’s stamp comes from Sallust and means "Concord will make small things flourish".*) So the erudite owner doesn’t refer (and limits himself) to chess but gives a thought of general validity; he means, what is done in unity will also turn out well.

*) The full Sallust quotation is "concordia parvae res crescunt, discordia maximae dilabuntur" - "concord will make small things flourish, discord will destroy great things." See for instance Unity makes strength. [RB]

The joint dinner took place in the nearby wine tavern "Zum Bogen"
(photo archives Siegfried Schönle, Kassel)

At a late hour a small group still walked to Delais Street 2
(formerly Zollstange 173).

This building – heavily damaged in World War II –
was the last home of Daniel Harrwitz.

You will find a selection of further pictures from the first day in this gallery.

Photo report
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