KWA Meeting at Bolzano 18 to 20 May, 2011

Part 3 – The Third Day and the Open Tournament


The craft of the (wine-)coopers
was strongly represented in the Bindergasse.

The Silbergasse, about 1000 years ago the moat was running here.

The 300 m long medieval arcades.

Façades next to the Waltherplatz
(in the second building from left the chess club
ARCI Bozen was based at first).

The center of the Bolzano old town: the Waltherplatz with the cathedral.

The monument to the minnesinger
Walther von der Vogelweide.

The Bolzano cathedral combines Romanic and Gothic elements.

A photo gallery with some further sights of Bolzano as well as a photo selection of a classic car parade (on 21-22 May at Bozen) is offered in this Gallery.

Photo report
Part 2 / Part 1

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