KWA Meeting at Bolzano 18 to 20 May, 2011

Part 3 – The Third Day and the Open Tournament


Calle Erlandsson and Regina Corneth

Toni Preziuso

The 5-round tournament ended on Sunday afternoon with the young Bolzano player Patrick Scharrer as winner. Toni Preziuso placed 11th scoring 3½/5 - so winning the internal "KWA championship". There followed Michael Negele (15th), Calle Erlandsson (18th), Luca D’Ambrosio (22nd) - all 3/5 - and Guy Van Habberney (33rd) with 2½.

Several links to the Bolzano Open:

Finally some impressions of Bolzano:

Map of the county Tyrol

The Kornplatz

The new Bolzano town-hall from 1907

Façades in Town-hall Place

Façades in Town-hall Place



A characteristic oriel

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