First Impressions from Wijk aan Zee

KWA Meeting 22 January 2011

Tony Gillam, the two cash auditors Bert Corneth and Henri Serruys
as well as Guy Van Habberney in front of the tournament poster.

At this year's meeting in Wijk aan Zee we could observe a possibly record-breaking participation of 14 KWA members: Ron Bleeker, Bert Corneth, Ton de Vreede, Bernd Ellinghoven, Calle Erlandsson, Tony Gillam, Leo Hovestadt, Michael Negele, Bernd Schneider, Henri Serruys, Rob Spaans, Jurgen Stigter, Bob van de Velde and Guy Van Habberney had joined us. Albert Riemens (the treasurer of the Max Euwe Centrum) also attended as a guest, he promoted a new donation model of the MEC.

Michael Negele shows his discoveries in the estate of Antonius van
der Linde in the Hessian Regional Library Wiesbaden.
(Behind:) New member Leo Hovestadt, Guy Van Habberney, Bob van de Velde,
Henri Serruys and (in front) Jurgen Stigter, Bert Corneth, Michael Negele, Tony Gillam.

A larger pictorial report on this event will follow soon.

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