Visiting an Old Chess Metropolis

Regional Meeting of the Ken Whyld Asociation
at Vienna, 1 - 3 October, 2010

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Intensive discussions about the future aims of the Ken Whyld Association:
Per Skjoldager would like to implement an interactive web market.

In his lecture "New documents on the Bonus Socius" Alessandro Sanvito shed light on new sources about the medieval collection of mansūbāt. His presence in Vienna also afforded the opportunity to personally hand over the just published "Festschrift" in his honour (first volume) which was performed by the Viennese publisher Robert Karner (Refordis publishing house) and the present editors. (This handing over occurred at another place parallel to our event.)

Alessandro Sanvito receives the commemorative publication from Robert Karner.

Our Viennese member J. Walter Simon marked the end of our series of lectures, he told about his chess excursions to faraway countries – South America, Nepal and the emirates were the destinations he has visited for the purpose of studies and collecting.

J. Walter Simon with "exotic" chess literature from Nepal:
CHESS, FIDE & THE RULES and Nepal Chess Diary

Chess books from South America and Nepal

Our Vienna meeting found an harmonious end with the traditional KWA book market.
Here is a picture gallery with additional 32 photos from our Vienna Meeting 2010.

Sincere thanks go to the committed preparers and organizers Karl Kadletz and J. Walter Simon who - with the assistance of Michael Ehn - have this great get-together of chess historians made possible.

(Text partly according to the article by Karl Kadletz, "Internationales Schachtreffen in Wien", in: Schach-Aktiv 12/2010, p. 642-645 [R.B.])

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