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I can give now a virtually smooth transition to the final round which started (unscheduled) with my presentation of the Lasker project – a short digression into the "art of improvisation" – as the connecting cable to our beamer was missing which had been in the true sense "packed" together with Antonio Rosino’s laptop ... (This morning the chess trainer Antonio had been called to his protégés in Jesolo where a junior tournament was held.)
With the help of the tireless Luca (and Christina Rosino) and the patience of my chess friends we also succeeded in taking this hurdle – here my contribution (pdf-file / 3 MB).

Lecture without beamer

Lecture without beamer

Four Endgame Studies
It was a special pleasure to me to present at the same time the small book on Lasker’s studies by Harrie Grondijs, so to speak as a "trailblazer" for our great Lasker book.

Here a few selected pages from the book:
Imprint - Contents
Start chapter 1
Start chapter 2
Start chapter 3

Frontispiece and title page

Frontispiece and title page

This gives the opportunity to introduce a further permanent guest of our meeting who made a good impression by his profound questions and contributions: Francesco Gibellato from Mestre is a great Lasker expert but also a chess author, as follows from his numerous articles in Italian. Maybe this "chess researcher" will find his way to our strong Italian KWA group.

Francesco Gibellato

Francesco Gibellato

Some publications by Francesco Gibellato (jpg-files):
I Tornei di Trieste
"Louisa Matilda Ballard Fagan" (SSA, Fasc. 13, 1993):
page 1 / page 2 / page 3 / page 4
"Archivi Scacchistici Nazionali su Internet" (SSA, Fasc. 18, 1998) - page 1
"Scacchi, Spie, Crittologia e Computers ..." (SSA, Fasc. 19, 1999) - page 1
and SSA, Fasc. 20, 2000 - page 1

After a break three very different talks brought our event to a successful conclusion.

Jurgen Stigter presented the collection of Alvise Zichichi (1938-2003) recently purchased by him ...

Jurgen Stigter

A. Zichichi

Alvise Zichichi

[Entry in "Chicco/Porreca" on A. Zichichi (jpg-file)]

Ex Libris A. Zichichi

Ex Libris of Alvise Zichichi

A. Sanvito - reminiscent of A. Chicco ... while Alessandro Sanvito was in very sensitive words reminiscent of his friend of many years’ standing.

I would like to remind here of Alessandro’s great master Adriano Chicco and to express again my thanks to his "best pupil".
Obituary of Adriano Chicco by Alessandro Sanvito.

As bonus Alessandro Sanvito’s article from Scacchi e Scienze Applicate:
"Gli Ex Libris Nelle Biblioteche Scacchistiche Italiane" (Ex Libris in the Italian chess libraries) - SSA, Fasc. 13, 1993: page 1 / page 2 / page 3 / page 4

Alessandro Sanvito & Calle Erlandsson

Alessandro Sanvito and Calle Erlandsson

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