Caissa in La Serenissima
(The Most Illustrious)

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Antonio Rosino Antonio’s plenary lecture (in fact two lectures) confirmed once more the great importance of Italy, but also of Venice for the evolution of modern chess – a wonderful digression through the centuries, but also through the last decades of the Italian and the Venetian chess culture.

Many marvellous pictures were shown and history(ies) told. We were all enthusiastic – a small part is provided by this picture series (series 8 / 32 pictures) – at the same time I'm offering reminiscences of certainly a highlight of Antonio’s chess life – Venice 1967. It’s true that the 25 years young local master (the picture is from 1965) turned out to play a good host and he took the red lantern in the tournament but at least he wrung a honourable draw from a top-class grandmaster.
Supposedly Antonio was not always able to concentrate himself during the games - partly played in the "leaden chambers" - due to the fantastic view of the lagoon…

II° Torneo Triveneto a Squadre
"Bassano del Grappa"
5-8 Dicembre 1965

Second from the right: Antonio Rosino
II Torneo Triveneto a Squadre

Tournament book Venice 1967

The game Mark Taimanov vs Antonio Rosino ended with a draw after 77 moves:
Taimanov - Rosino
Venice 1967

A few more interesting illustrations from Scacchi e Scienze Applicate:

SSA, Vol. 22, back page
SSA, Vol. 22, p. 85
SSA, Vol. 17, back page

But the two following lectures held great attractions for the audience as well for partly totally unknown material was shown or reports were given on works in extensive "research projects". It is always a pleasure if collectors of chess books use their often extensive collections also for the general [chess] public or if a chess player gradually becomes a collector likewise through the historical interest in our game.
Luca D'Ambrosio is a shining example for the latter, by his interest in chess at Meran he finally found his way to the Ken Whyld Association, and with his fantastic contribution, his patience with all the enquiries and the excellent organization he has contributed very much to the success of our meeting.

Luca D'Ambrosio

Luca D'Ambrosio speaks

We were enthusiastic about the preview of his potential book on the two Meran tournaments 1924 and 1926 (picture series 9 / 13 pictures) – just as about Peter Holmgren’s masterful report on the life, the chess creations, but also on the man Gideon Ståhlberg.

Peter Holmgren Peter Holmgren
(Gallery 10 / 14 pictures
and pdf-file / 3 MB)

After that an evening walk to Antonio Rosino’s home in Cannaregio [partly the former Jewish ghetto of Venice with impressing alleys and small squares, but also rio tera as it is called – filled up canals (series 11 / 7 pictures).]
Antonio and his wife Christina had kindly invited us to a casual get-together in their hospitable house – certainly the highlight of our stay. The conversation was not only about chess, but maybe this is my subjective perception which our companions wouldn’t like to share – the pictures (series 12 / 9 pictures) speak volumes, or the treasures from the library of the Italian Chess Federation housed in Rosino’s home (and from his own collection) seem to have generally found one-sided interest.

By the way we had a further guest this evening: Daniele Ruggieri, Miquel Artigas’ brother-in-law is not only a strong chess player but also a famous musician (flutist) – see
Conservatorio di Musica and cultura & spettacolo.

from left : Hans Ellinger, Peter Holmgren, Daniele Ruggieri
and Calle Erlandsson

Many thanks again to our host, but also to Ermide Sanvito for her kind assistance and to Joan Holmgren who got a wonderful bouquet of flowers, our present.

After 10.30 pm return to the Casa "Cardinale Piazza" where the first international blitz tournament of the Ken Whyld Association started with ten participants at the beginning. Then Miquel Artigas and Daniele Ruggieri fell "victim to the closing time", later on our Swedish friends Calle Erlandsson and Peter Holmgren as well as Hans Ellinger dropped out owing to lack of fitness. But the hard core was untiring as is shown by the two photos (Casa, around 1 am). I myself realized in the course of this blitz evening that I have possibly internalized too much of "Lasker" – those who see a lot can stand a lot.

lightning chess Toni Preziuso and Luca D'Ambrosio playing "blitz"

Jurgen Stigter vs Harrie Grondijs

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