Caissa in La Serenissima
(The Most Illustrious)

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(Relatively) early in the morning and in bright weather we spontaneously decided on a boat trip by vaporetto (The small ferries which guarantee the local traffic in Venice.) via the whole Canale Grande along the Biennale grounds, the Arsenale (formerly the greatest shipyard of the Middle Ages which a large part of the power and influence of the Venetians was based on).

Group on the bridge

Our group on one of the numerous bridges


... and in the narrow streets and alleys of Venice

Antonio Rosino and Luca D'Ambrosio are a team which works well together as tourist guides, naturally our South Tyrol chess friend is perfectly bilingual (German/Italian). And certainly there has never been such a knowledgeable guided tour with regard to the chess historical importance of the town built on a lagoon. (Picture series 6 - Via the Canale Grande to St Mark’s Square and back to the Casa / 28 pictures.)

Antonio Rosino

Antonio Rosino as tourist guide

After the lunch-break (at Diana – where else) our traditional book market of the KWA was held, but for different reasons this led only to a considerable increase of the number of Scandinavian chess books in Italy while the Italian "treasures" remained in the country. (Later on the "true" reasons were revealed: On the one hand Antonio Rosino is "sitting" on a real treasure in the "Cannaregio", on the other hand the probably highest concentration of Italian chess literature outside Italy is found in Amsterdam ...)

Book market

At the KWA book market:
Carlo A. Pagni, Hans Ellinger, Calle Erlandsson and Toni Preziuso

Harrie Grondijs & Antonio Rosino

Harrie Grondijs and Antonio Rosino

Toni Preziuso & Carlo A. Pagni

Toni Preziuso and Carlo Alberto Pagni

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