"On the Hunt for the Lost Chess Book"

Meeting José Antonio Garzón in Valencia,
the "Cradle of Modern Chess"


Michael and José over a tigernuts milk
talking about Francesch Vicent

Here too the pact was made to start jointly the search for the lost Vicent book which José Garzón had already described in his first book in 2001.

José Garzón with his first book

Certainly it was a "sign" that we found just this book later on in an antiquarian bookshop, so a spontaneous dedication followed.

Dedication by José Garzón

Michael with José - on the table among other things a Ruy Lopez reprint
(Libro de la Invencion Liberal y Arte del juego del Axedrez).

A further dedication for Michael Negele

The neat "Asilo del Libro"

In the antiquarian bookshop -
José Garzón with his friend Rafael Solaz

But we didn't talk about chess books only, José provided a fast overview of the historic Valencia for us as well as a quite traditional evening meal.

With paella, wine and chess (books)
life is bearable.

It remains to be hoped now that with combined efforts the mystery of the Vicent book described in The Return of Francesch Vicent - The History of the Birth and Expansion of Modern Chess (Vicent) on page 352ff. and with it particularly the possible sale to the USA in 1913 can be clarified.

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