Reincarnation of a Marvel

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In closing we would like to give some references to literature on Wolfgang von Kempelen and his "Turk"– unfortunately the nice book from the series "Die bibliophilen Taschenbücher" including a treatise by Marion Faber is completely out of print.

Tom Standage: The Turk
Tom Standage
Der Türke

Die Geschichte des ersten Schachautomaten und seiner abenteuerlichen Reise um die Welt
Campus Frankfurt 2002; ISBN 3-593-36677-0
(in English: The Turk, The Life and Times of the famous eighteenth-century chess-playing machine; Walker, New York, ISBN 0-8027-1391-2)

Der Schachautomat des Baron von Kempelen
(Reprint "Racknitz", as well as Edgar Allan Poe and Theodor Heuss)
(including an essay by Marion Faber)
Die bibliophilen Taschenbücher Nr. 367
Harenberg Dortmund 1983; ISBN 3-88379-367-1

Der Schachautomat ...

The Great Chess Automaton
Charles Michael Carroll
The Great Chess Automaton

Dover Publications New York, N.Y. 1975 (original publication)

The Turk, Chess Automaton
Gerald M. Levitt
The Turk, Chess Automaton

McFarland & Co. Publishers,
Jefferson N.C. 2000
ISBN 0-7864-07778-6

From the literature on chess automatons (generally) the following two items may be selected:

Chess - Man vs Machine

Bradley Ewart
CHESS: Man vs Machine

A.S. Barnes & Comp., Inc.
San Diego • New York /
The Tantivy Press, London 1980
ISBN 0-498-02167-X
Fake Automata

Ken Whyld
Fake Automata in Chess

Caistor, 1994
ISBN 1 870036 02 6

This report was compiled/written by Michael Negele;
some additions and English translation by Ralf Binnewirtz.