Reincarnation of a Marvel

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Including the closing reception in the forum of the museum - we were generously allowed to be guests of the HNF - you can only speak of a very successful event. For the time being the "Turk" will stay in the foyer of the "MuseumsForum" as object of admiration, a video recording will reproduce the scene of the servant Anthon and the chess game.

Strouhal in demand!

For Ernst Strouhal this was a successful evening, too; evidently he enjoyed the great interest in his publications. At this point we may draw your attention to a new work on the Turk for collectors:

Kempelen - zwei Maschinen

Kempelen - zwei Maschinen
by Brigitte Felderer and Ernst Strouhal
Sonderzahl Verlag 2004
28 pages (Leporello)
ISBN 385449209X
Price: 29.70 Euro


The Kempelen family had specially arrived from Budapest in order to attend this event at the evening before the 200th dying day of their ancestor.
The Kempelen Family

H.-J. Fresen & R. Binnewirtz
You’ll meet in Paderborn –
Hans-Jürgen Fresen from Bochum
and Ralf Binnewirtz


KWA and friends

KWA members and friends
at a relaxed get-together at the end of the event

From the left: Michael Höhn, Klaudia Wieschollek, Rolf Schlösser, Dr. Harald Balló,
Norbert Fieberg, Hans-Jürgen Fresen, and Dr. Ralf Binnewirtz.

We may point here to a reprint published by Harald Balló in 2002 – facsimile edition - "Über den Schachspieler des Herrn von Kempelen und dessen Nachbildung" by Freiherr Joseph Friedrich zu Racknitz; the original dates from the year 1789 and describes in a rather authentic way the probable functioning of the "apparent automaton".

A special exhibition on Kempelen's chess automaton is held from April 3rd to May 31st, 2004 in the Swiss Museum of Games - you will find more details in this contribution (pdf file; in German only) kindly provided by our member Ulrich Schädler.

In addition to our report we refer subsequently to some interesting articles (partly "online"):

Schachtürke wieder zum Leben erweckt - at the website of the HNF.
Von Kempelens Schachautomat: Ein Nachbau des Schachtürken in Paderborn (by Ralf Bülow)

From the local and national press:
Westfälisches Volksblatt

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger - Nr. 73 (March 26, 2004)
FAZ March 30, 2004
Der Spiegel 13/2004 - pdf file
Süddeutsche Zeitung (March 27/28, 2004) - pdf-file
(from the column Das Streiflicht – Günter Büsing made it available to us)

At ChessBase Spotlights - André Schulz: Der erste Schachcomputer war keiner

Baron von Kempelens Schach-"Automat" Automaten und Androiden
(Excerpt from E. Wenzel Mracek: Simulatum Corpus. Vom künstlichen zum virtuellen Menschen. Graz 2001) (article of 19 pages; a bit hard to load due to the pictures!)

Gerald Giesecke: Der Türke Künstliche Intelligenz des 18. Jahrhunderts.
(ZDF - aspekte) Including an interview with Brigitte Felderer and Ernst Strouhal as well as a video on the Turk (with a somewhat too loud musical accompaniment).

Die ersten Roboter (The first robots) with numerous links also on v. Kempelen!

We would like to point only to two further articles:
Frederic Friedel: Ein Türke spielt Schach, in: Computer-Schach & Spiele 3/1986, p. 14-17
Karsten Bauermeister: Auferstehung des Türken, in: Computer-Schach & Spiele 2/2004, p. 16-17