Reincarnation of a Marvel

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But much to faithful Anthon’s annoyance the secret should be revealed in Paderborn: afterwards Norbert Ryska, the curator of the HNF, Dr. Stefan Stein and the creator of the Paderborn reconstruction, restorer Bernhard Fromme explained themselves to the audience – at last also the "man in the box", Joachim Schwarzmann, member of the Paderborn chess club was asked to come on stage.

Interview on stage Norbert Ryska interviewing
Bernhard Fromme, Dr. Stefan Stein
in the background.

An adult could perfectly hide from the eyes of the spectators in this cabinet of walnut – 1.5 m wide, 95 cm high and 90 cm deep – even if the doors were open, a clever mechanism of flaps and movable walls was helpful in this connection. The actor himself – sitting on a set of wheels – could adroitly change his position.
Disclosing the secret

Interior of the Turk There is a hinged chess board in the interior, with the help of an ingenious mechanism a pantograph transfers by leverage each move made by the operator on the small board up to the left arm of the Turk. Whatever occurred on the large board, i.e. which piece was moved there, could be made out by the man in the box with the aid of descending magnetic pins.

Joachim Schwarzmann (on the right), member of the Paderborn chess club had operated the Turk.
The operator inside the Turk

The Turk nearby
Picture on the left:
After the event everyone wanted to know all the details, Dr. Stein – on the right behind the Turk – explained himself to the people. While doing this it became clear what precision the mechanics had to work with, minimal deviations on the board in the box resulted inevitably in "mistakes" on the large board.

Picture on the right:
There is neither a dwarf nor a monkey sitting inside the figure – all is based on clever illusions and sound mechanics – but unfortunately it’s no real "palaeo-robot".
The rear of the Turk