Reincarnation of a Marvel

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Servant Anthon
Afterwards the central figure came into action with assistance of Kempelen’s servant Anthon (splendidly played by the actor Heiko Grosche- a well-known interpreter of Morgenstern) – this will be shown by several pictures.

The curtain opens, the game will start ...
The Turk makes his entrance

The game will start The actor Heiko Grosche as servant Anthon assists the "Turk" with the following game.

Michael Barz of the Paderborn chess club is sceptically looking at the wild position of the King’s Gambit.
The Turk to move

The audience

The spectators are watching very intently, among them also our webmaster
Dr. Ralf Binnewirtz.

Electronic Board

Regarding the chess content of the presented game it was more a good joke ...
Chess Game

The drawn game against the first chairman of the Paderborn Chess Club "Blauer Springer 1926", Mr. Michael W. Barz [1] seemed a bit "artificial" but after all the human being met a "Wiedergänger" [2] of that machine which is supposed to have inspired Cartwright when building his mechanical loom and also Babbage to the conception of his mechanical calculator.

In the year 1770 the "Turk" played his first game before Maria Theresa’s very eyes, in 1854 it burned - after a continuous tour all over Europe and the USA - somewhat dusty and forgotten at the (Chinese) Museum in Philadelphia. The inner workings of the chess playing machine were one of the most protected secrets in those days – no philosopher of the Enlightenment, neither the concentrated shrewdness of the Paris Academy (1783) nor Edgar Allan Poe who had observed the Turk in 1835 saw through the brilliant conception of Wolfgang von Kempelen.

[1] Unfortunately we have to inform you that Michael Wolfgang Barz was killed in a motorbike accident in August 2004, he was only 41 years old.
(RJB, in January, 2005)

[2] "Wiedergänger" = restless ghost of a dead person; an exact English translation seems to be missing, see for example this forum.