Per Skjoldager 50!

KWA members

The five KWA members at the birthday party:
Jørn Erik B. Nielsen, Peter Holmgren, Per Skjoldager, Knud Lysdal and Calle Erlandsson

The time limit was overstepped by 8 days, but the chess prolific part of the half century party at Per Skjoldager's house in Taulov, Fredericia, Denmark, was a great event that took place on August 30. The party started at 1 pm and lasted until after midnight. Five KWA members were present, the host included. Also members of the Evans Chess Club in Vejle (where Per is a member) came to Taulov, so the lightning tournament (won by Viggo Bové Quist) collected nine participants including Michael Skjoldager who showed little respect and beat his father! Two KWA members preferred to watch Per's great chess library.

Per Skjoldager

Per Skjoldager

Per's wife Lone offered a fantastic Danish menu served in the nice garden. Everything was perfect except not few uninvited wasps. The Swedish delegation honoured Per with a threefold Scandinavian Hurrah and the song "Yeah, let him live for 100 years". Peter Holmgren presented especially for the party a limited and exclusive edition of The Chess Column in Hvar 8 Dag. The birthday gifts included a lot of good wines and also some rare chess related items. Jørn Erik B Nielsen's gift was a unique 200 pages history of Bent Larsen's games and journalism during 1958 (Per's birth year).

(Calle Erlandsson)

Participants at Taulov

The participants at Taulov

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