Spanish KWA Meeting 2009
at Sabadell


Josep Alió, Miquel Artigas and José A. Garzón

On November 24th we celebrated in Sabadell the annual meeting (seventh
edition) of the Spanish members of the KWA who constitute the so called
CÍRCULO PALUZÍE: José A. Garzón, Miquel Artigas and Josep Alió.

Just as in the 2004 and 2007 events we met first in the architecture's office of our host Miquel Artigas which is filled with chess books and magazines.
Later, at his home we could enjoy the best items of his wonderful collection,
including the new acquisitions of the last three years.

During the meeting we prepared a schedule for an ambitious bibliographical project we have been working on for years.

(Josep Alió)

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