Spanish KWA Meeting 2007
at Sabadell

On November 29th the Spanish members of the KWA who constitute the so called CÍRCULO PALUZÍE celebrated their annual meeting (fourth edition!) in Sabadell:
José A. Garzón, Miquel Artigas und Josep Alió (see the photo below).

J. Garzón, M. Artigas, J. Alió

As 3 years ago (in 2004) we first met in the architect's office of our host Miquel Artigas, being filled with chess books and magazines as well. There we gave each other our Christmas "chess gifts".

Later on at his home we could enjoy the highlights of his wonderful collection
with the acquisitions of the last three years.

J. Garzón, M. Artigas, J. Alió

José A. Garzón, Miquel Artigas and Josep Alió

During lunch and later, at Miquel's office again, we began to talk
about - and organize - an interesting joint project.

Once again a great day of chess and especially of friendship.
(Josep Alió)

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