Two-mover Theme Tourney
of Scacchi e Scienze Applicate


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this is the announcement of
XXIII International Theme Tourney of the Review: Chess and Applied Sciences (Scacchi e Scienze Applicate)
in its PROBLEMS SECTION (with the Director: Prof. Francesco Simoni, Via Bellinzona, 22 - 40135 Bologna. E-mail:

Direct problems in two moves are required, showing the following THEME:

Two or more phases with at least two changed mates and change of the passive effects on the same black variations. A reciprocal interference is required as follows: in SET play or in a TRY a black piece A moves into a square X to interfere a black piece B; vice versa, in the ACTUAL play, the piece B moves into the square X to interfere the piece A.

961 Esempio (Example)
"Best Problems" 2003/2004 - 2a M.O.

Solution Example
1. ... e6; 2.Qxd7 #
1. ... Be6; 2.Qxh2# Interference by the B to the P
1. ... e6; 2.Nxf7# Interference by P to the B
1. ... Be6; 2.Qxb4#

This example shows incidentally the reciprocal form of the passive effects change, which is not required.


PRIZES: 1st 80 Euro; 2nd 45 Euro; 3rd 25 Euro
Honourable Mentions, Commends, according to Judge Opinion
Sendings: entries on diagrams with complete solution and address, within June 30, 2007 to Prof. Francesco Simoni, Via Bellinzona, 22 - 40135 Bologna. E-mail:

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