Club Organization

Update:  30 June 2010

Association's Seat

The foundation place in the house of Jurgen Stigter,
located in the immediate vicinity of the Rijksmuseum

The Association’s Board

Chairman: Guy Van Habberney (Boechout, B)
Deputy Chairman: Andy Ansel (Laurel Hollow, NY, USA)
Treasurer: Michael Negele (Wuppertal, D)
Honorary member of the Board: Jurgen Stigter (Amsterdam, NL)

Members of the extended board (without right to vote)

Cash auditors
1st cash auditor:
Bert Corneth (Leidschendam, Netherlands)

2nd cash auditor:
Henri Serruys
(Antwerp, Belgium)

Country's Representatives:
Andy Ansel
(America, Overseas)
Josep Alió (Spain)
Alain Biénabe (France)
Bert Corneth (Benelux)

Vlastimil Fiala (Central and East Europe)
Tony Gillam (Great Britain, Ireland)
Peter Holmgren (Nordic Countries)
Karl Klittich (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)
Alessandro Sanvito and Luca D'Ambrosio (Italy)

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