First Pictures from the
Meeting in Norwich

KWA Meeting 13 to 15 April, 2011

The KWA group in the meeting room

Bernard Cafferty, Tony Gillam and Tony Peterson

Jimmy Adams with new KWA member Raymond Cannon

Kathleen Hindle (new KWA member as well!) with Joan Harding

Tony Gillam, Steve Giddins, Owen Hindle and Bernard Cafferty
with the big Lasker monograph.

Group photo from the city tour on Friday; missing are
Tony Peterson and Jimmy Adams who arrived on Saturday,
as well as Steve Giddins and Bernhard Cafferty.
1st row (from left): Hendrik Grondijs, Rieneke van Zutphen, Winifred van de Velde,
Kathleen Hindle, Marie-Theres Saremba, Guy Van Habberney, Michael Negele, Tony Gillam.
2nd row: Harrie Grondijs, Owen Hindle, Bob van de Velde, Calle Erlandsson,
Gordon Cadden, Jurgen Stigter, Per Skjoldager.
3rd row: Mike Sheehan, Mrs Sheehan, Andreas Saremba, Tim Harding.
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A more detailed photo report on this meeting will come soon.

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