Nordic Chess Activities

A quite small KWA meeting took place last weekend (20/09/2009) in the Norwegian town of Fredrikstad, four of our members were present: Øystein Brekke, Calle Erlandsson, Ole Kristian Førrisdahl and Gunnar Finnlaugsson. The latter currently participates in the Nordic Senior Championship, just see (the four top boards are broadcasted live). Anyhow Gunnar managed to start excellently with 3.5/4 and he is still very well placed (4.5/6); the game against the leading Finnish chess legend Heikki Westerinen in round 6 (24/09/09) ended in a draw.

from left : Øystein Brekke, Gunnar Finnlaugsson, Calle Erlandsson
and Ole Kristian Førrisdahl
[Photograph courtesy of Bjørn Berg Johansen]


Gunnar Finnlaugsson and Calle Erlandsson flank Øystein Brekke
in front of his chess shop (Sjakkbutikken) at Drammen.

On September 10th our members Per Skjoldager and Jørn Erik B. Nielsen had a great Nimzowitsch performance at the Copenhagen Brønshøj Chess Club. The considerable number of 50 visitors (instead of the 15 to 20 expected) speaks well for a remarkable interest in chess history and Nimzowitsch in Denmark. Together with Gunnar Finnlaugsson and Calle Erlandsson also four KWA members attended this event.

Per and Jørn Erik at the Nimzowitsch lecture in Brønshøj

According to Calle Erlandsson, 22/09/2009

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