On New Year:
Pictures of an eventful autumn

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How could I ever have imagined to cross swords with such chess icons like Unzicker or Korchnoi ... (After all only Viktor the Terrible could terribly beat me up; against the "kind" Munich honorary member of the Emanuel Lasker Society I could snatch a draw from the jaws of defeat.)

W. Unzicker - M. Negele

W. Unzicker - V. Kortschnoi

V. Kortschnoi - M. Negele  

The leading group of the tournament, but there were actually only "winners" on this beautiful day.
The leading group



M. Negele & U. Schädler
Having a cake in company of Ulrich Schädler on Sunday morning.

A great end: satisfied at "Lasker’s" desk – at least the cigar was not original ...
M. Negele at Lasker's desk

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