On New Year:
Pictures of an eventful autumn

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Dorland House
The Dorland House on Leuschnerdamm (No 31) – a new "Chess Mecca" in Berlin?!

KWA friends at the 7th symposium of the Initiative Group Königstein – you can make out Mr Ulrich Liermann (ELS), Rolf Reinhardt and Norbert Fieberg ...
U. Liermann, R. Reinhardt & N. Fieberg

... the couple Holländer & L. Schmid
... then the couple Barbara and Hans Holländer as well as Lothar Schmid.

A fine talk on Ilja Maiselis (and Lasker) was given by the irrepressible Yuri Averbakh.

Juri Awerbach

E. Strouhal & U. Schädler
Ernst Strouhal and Ulrich Schädler studying with interest the IGK programme.

The IGK event was organized by the tireless Egbert Meissenburg.
Egbert Meissenburg

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