On New Year:
Pictures of an eventful autumn

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On October 20th the official opening of the Emanuel Lasker Exhibition took place in the "Dorlandhaus" in Berlin.

Inauguration by Stefan Hansen
Stefan Hansen, managing shareholder of the Dorland advertising agency in Berlin and simultaneously the present "driving force" of the Emanuel Lasker Society inaugurates the event on Thursday evening (2005-10-20).
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85-year-old Isaak Linder pays tribute to Emanuel Lasker - very personal reminiscences.

I. Linder's talk

Susanna Poldauf
Susanna Poldauf-Klünder, the curator of the exhibition achieved something really excellent.


Analysis with the pieces and at the chess table of the WCh 1910 – and over everything there "hangs" Emanuel Lasker; the photo shows among others Thomas Weischede (ELS), Matthias Wüllenweber (ChessBase) and "FRITZ’ voice" Matthias Deutschmann, cabaret artist and Susan Polgar’s opponent of the evening.
Analyzing the game

J. Stigter over the historical board
Jurgen Stigter with deep respect over the (historical) board.

Early in the morning the topics were - in spite of the serious expressions - less serious but more witty (stimulated by wine): from the left Paul Werner Wagner, Jurgen Stigter, Raj Tischbierek, Matthias Deutschmann and a friend of PWW.
Circle early in the morning

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