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Raj Tischbierek (ed.):
Schauspiel des Geistes. Marc Langs unglaublicher Rekord im Blindsimultanschach

Exzelsior Verlag Berlin, 2012
200 pp., paperback, with numerous pictures and diagrams.

With contributions by Vlastimil Hort, Raj Tischbierek, Marc Lang and Michael Negele who goes through the history of blindful chess on about 100 pages.
More information on the book at (in German only).

Reduced price for KWA members (worldwide): 20.- €.
Orders of the members are accepted by Michael Negele: michael.negele.wtal [at]; payment in advance by bank transfer to our KWA account.
A simultaneous order of the Ado Kraemer book (see below) saves some postage!

ISBN 978-3-935800-07-5

Sooner than expected, the new work of Tim Harding, Eminent Victorian Chess Players: Ten Biographies, was published by McFarland.
All relevant information on the book may be found on the publisher's site at as well as (more detailed) on the website of the author at

Presumably the book will be available from the usual suppliers in Europe in a few weeks from now.


The new work of the KWA webmaster was published in June 2012 by Nightrider Unlimited:
Ado Kraemer. Eine biographische Skizze mit zahlreichen Zugaben
(No. 45 of the Kuhn†/Murkisch series). Edition of 200 (softcover) copies as well as a collector’s edition of 50 copies (cloth bound, red cover, see picture below).

On 288 + XVIII pages not only Ado Kraemer's vita is described (with pictures/ illustrations, numerous quotes and some short articles), the book also contains more than 260 Kraemer problems/studies, moreover Kraemer is for the first time presented as an OTB player.

Further information is provided by the Introduction / Einleitung and the Contents; besides the special Kraemer page at the author's Homepage (in German only).

Paperback edition: 
Price for members: 17.- EUR,
for non-members: 24.- EUR
- postage included only in Germany.

Paperback edition
Title page with a famous

four-mover of A. Kraemer and E. Zepler

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Hardback edition

A new issue of Scacchi e Scienze Applicate was published recently:

Fascicolo 30 (Vol. 28)
March 2012
ISSN: 0392-0127

PDFs front cover and Contents (courtesy of Luca D'Ambrosio).

Martin Ramsauer has informed us about a further publication:
Eyles Irwin: An account of the game of chess, as played by the Chinese, in a letter from Eyles Irwin, Esq; to the Right Honourable the Earl of Charlemont, President of the Royal Irish Academy (Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, Antiquity Section, vol. 5, p. 53–63, 2 tables, 1793).
Facsimile reprint, printed on hand-made paper, hardback with marbled paper in contemporary style, title label, 27 x 21 cm.

Price: 34€ + postage

Please order directly from Martin Ramsauer

PS (25/03/2012): Volume I of the series is
nearly out of stock in Belgrad, therefore the
total supply of volume I-IV is still valid for a
short time only.

The fourth and concluding volume of the Yugoslavian Chess Bibliography by Prof. Dušan Drajić was recently published in Belgrade.

Volume IV is (like volume III) available for a price of 15.- €. Payment as usual by bank transfer to our KWA account (see Imprint).

The volumes I and II cost 12.- € each.
The complete series voume I to IV can be ordered for 50.- €.
Postage is included in all prices.
See also our page Publications 8.

The combination of volume IV with The Chess Literature of Australia & New Zealand (see Publications p9) costs 33.- € (incl. postage).

The opposite biography by Olimpiu G. Urcan and Peter Michael Braunwarth has just been published by McFarland.

Further details about the book in this pdf file.

Our member Peter Holmgren draws our attention to a new Swedish publication: Svensk schacklitteratur i bokform före år 1900 by Arne V. Johansson. More details about this bibliography in this pdf file.
The price of 200 SEK equals 22.63 €.

Our member Martin Ramsauer (Marbach) has just released a new publication, a facsimile of a rare title: "Zwölf Schlacht-Parthien des großen Kampfes um Europa's Freiheit, Friede und Glück, auf dem Schachbret dargestellt von B. v. L.", published by Carl Gerold, Vienna 1815. Decisive military actions against the Napoleonic forces which kept large parts of Europe occupied at that time are demonstrated on 74 pages by means of twelve chess positions (for instance Napoleon in Moscow, his flight to Dresden, Battle on the Katzbach, Battle of Culm, and as a highlight: The large Battle of the Nations near Leipzig). The author remains incognito which is not surprising in view of the insecure political situation of that time.

Some details about the book:
Facsimile reprint, printed on hand made paper, stitched by hand, paper volume in contemporary style, self-made cover papers (so-called "peewit marbled papers"), small title spine label.
Format 19 x 12 cm.

Price: 95 € + postage (Germany 1 € as book rate, on request also insured. Rest of the world: 3.50 € as book rate).
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Siegfried Schönle
International Bibliography on the History of Chess and Board Games.
Hard-to-find Articles in Collected Monographs and Annuals.

Vindobona: Refordis Verlag 2011, 741 p., 175x265 mm, weight 1700 grams, buckram, gilt stamping.

It' s for the first time that a voluminous and reliable book on the bibliography of this subject has been published. The book is written for researchers, libraries and collectors. All sources were examined autoptically by the author.

Publisher's address:
Refordis Verlag Publishing GmbH
Robert Karner
Migazziplatz 8-9/6/3
A-1120 Wien

Here is the title page in German and in English as PDF each.

Below we give a passage from the foreword by Siegfried Schönle:
"Ausgewertet sind über einhundert monographische und nicht periodisch erschienene Sammelwerke (Anthologien, Kalender, Festschriften, unregelmäßig erschienene Schriften, Kunstkataloge, Vereinsschriften, Kongressberichte, u.a. der SCHACHKALENDER 1984 - 2011, das SCHACH - JOURNAL 1/1991 bis 4/1994 und auch von Vlastimil Fiala: Quarterly for Chess History, Vol. 1 - 15.) sowie Jahrbücher vorwiegend aus den letzten Jahrzehnten des 20. Jahrhunderts – deutsch- und englischsprachige Titel überwiegen. Teilweise reichen verschiedene Einträge aber bis zu 150 Jahre zurück. Mehr als 2400 Einträge (zahlreiche mit Annotationen), nach dem Verfasseralphabet geordnet, bieten Zugang zu versteckt publizierten Fachaufsätzen aus dem gewählten Schwerpunkt: Schach- und Brettspiele, wobei Artikel zum Schachspiel deutlich überwiegen. Mitverfasser und Übersetzer wurden durch Querverweise erschlossen.

Der vorliegende Band verzeichnet erstmals und systematisch Publikationen von Fachvorträgen, die auf verschiedenen Kongressen (z.B. CCI) sowie vergleichbaren Veranstaltungen oder anlässlich internationaler Treffen von Schachforschern (z.B. IGK) gehalten wurden. Diese oftmals zur »Grauen Literatur« zählenden und vielfach nur wenigen Schachkollegen zugänglichen Publikationen zu verzeichnen, war ein zusätzliches Anliegen. In aller Regel ist dieses Schrifttum nur in Einzelfällen in öffentlichen Bibliotheken aufbewahrt.

Ich wünsche, die Leser und -innen dieser Bibliographie finden hilfreiche Hinweise und manchen unbekannten Fund."

The opposite depicted bibliography of Belgian chess literature has recently come out. The two authors gave a first presentation of the book on 18/11/2011 in Brunswick.

Further information:
Softcover edition of 200 copies, 160 p., size 24 x 16 cm.
Weight: 438 g
Price for KWA members:
20.- € + postage
Retail price: 25 €

Hardback edition of 50 copies, numbered and signed by the authors. Weight: 617 g
Price for KWA members:
40.- € + postage

Packaging: 1.50 €
Postage: 12.45 € (Europe, USA)
or 20.75 € (other countries)
For the postage see also

You can order one or more copies directly from Henri Serruys:

Text verso:
Henri Serruys (*1948) is a founding member of the Ken Whyld Association of chess book collectors, while Guy Van Habberney (*1954) is the worldwide chairman of this organization, which promotes the collection of chess books and intends to contribute to a greater knowledge of the history of the game of chess.

In this publication, the authors give a comprehensive overview of all chess books published in Belgium, not just the usual technical books, but also those that are more literary in nature and that feature chess as a theme.
Images of all these books are provided.
The authors have also added very detailed chapters on Bulletins as well as on Magazines.

Hardback edition
(dust jacket corresponds to
pictures above)

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