The Ken Whyld Association
in New York City

Report on the Annual Meeting 2007

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Greenwood Cemetery
We then broke off and some took the subway while I drove to Greenwood Cemetery to hear Martin Hillyer give a talk about Thomas Frère and visit the grave site. Nine of us were still together at this point.

Hillyer at his ancestors' graves

Martin Hillyer at his ancestors' graves

KWA group at the cemetery

The KWA group at the cemetery

The whole Frère collection was displayed with amazing photographs and other neat memorabilia of the NY chess scene.
Frère collection

Frère collection

At this point three people split off to go to the airport and spend a day in Cleveland while five of us ventured to Long Island to spend a short time at my house looking at my collection.

Andy Ansel's library

Andy's library

Overall this was an amazing chess experience and hopefully all enjoyed it.


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