The Ken Whyld Association
in New York City

Report on the Annual Meeting 2007

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The next morning, at 10 AM the Marshall CC was full of KWA members. About 12 of us still had the insatiable chess bug. Those of us at the Marshall were presented with quite a treat. [Here the nicely produced announcement.] Dr Frank Brady gave an incredible talk on the Marshall as well as personal interactions with Duchamp and Fischer. What a great talk! We then wandered around the club and looked at all the great artefacts. We also got to meet such NY chess luminaries as Asa Hoffmann, Michael Rohde and Nick De Firmian.

You will find a selection of 10 pictures of our visit to the "Marshall CC" in this gallery.
Frank Brady

Frank Brady

Washington Square

Scene change - Washington Square

Washington Square Park

Andy Ansel, Claes Løfgren, Guy van Habberney, Jurgen Stigter
and Phil McCready as kibitzers
We then walked through Washington Square Park and saw the chess scene as it is.

On to Thompson Street where we visited the Chess Shop.
In front of the Chess Shop

John Donaldson, Claes Løfgren, Jurgen Stigter, Andy Ansel
and Kerry Lawless in front of the Chess Shop

At the Chess Shop

Shopping in the Chess Shop:
Calle Erlandsson, Guy van Habberney, Jurgen Stigter
and Andy Ansel

Probably the most amazing feat of the weekend was this small shop had an obscure (and totally unimportant) chess book that none of us had ever seen (which of course we all bought).
L. Murzin: My Selected Games

Chess Forum
Across the street we visited the Chess Forum where several people tried to negotiate for some pictures they had hanging on the wall.

For the Chess Shop's and the Chess Forum's history you may read Stefan Löffler's article "Schachkrieg in der Thompson Street", in: Schach-Kalender 1998, p. 49f. (in German only) [R.B.]

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