The Ken Whyld Association
in New York City

Report on the Annual Meeting 2007

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Next we broke to the book exchange which appears to have been an on-going all day event. Larry brought copies of his book on the last exhibit and Kurt had several of his books as well. There was the usual collector madness but soon this ended and we concluded with the official KWA meeting aspect, election of new officers and a brief discussion of the goals of the organization.

Guy van Habberney in discussion
Guy van Habberney, new KWA treasurer (from 2008 on) took part in discussion.

The new board:
Guy van Habberney (treasuerer),
Andy Ansel
(chairman) and
Jurgen Stigter
(deputy chairman).
The new Board

M. Hillyer and M. Negele
A copy of the Zukertort biography for Martin Hillyer - presented by our parting chairman Michael Negele.

There was a present for the new chairman as well!
Present for Andy

Dinner at Otto
Here we broke off into several groups. Most of us went to the upscale pizzeria Otto (in Greenwich Village) where we shared lots of food and wine with each other in a very "hip" (and loud) atmosphere (left and below).

Dinner at Otto

Phil Wong, Andy Ansel, Leigh Harrington and Brian Karen

Afterwards, several people went to the Empire State Building and Times Square.
Michael at the Empire State Building

Michael paid a visit to the Empire State Building

Times Square

Motifs at Times Square

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