The Ken Whyld Association
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Report on the Annual Meeting 2007

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Greetings to all,

the KWA meeting in NY was a great event for all of us who attended. Here are the highlights including pictures of the various events.

Before the "official" Friday night dinner, many of us met at the New York Athletic Club right on Central Park where some guests were staying.

At the Athletic Club

At the New York Athletic Club: Michael Negele, Calle Erlandsson, Jurgen Stigter,
Andy Ansel, Michael Clapham and Eric Ruch

Union Square
We headed downtown to Union Square where there are chess tables and the normal hustlers available ready for a game.

We had a short walk to Fred Wilson's Chess Shop to look around for some books ...

We would like to remind here of Fred Wilson's review of the Oxford Companion to Chess in American Chess Journal (No.1, 1992, p. 112-115). For Ken Whyld had commented on that in his letter to Fred Wilson.
Fred Wilson's Shop

Michael Clapham and Fred Wilson

... and then back to our opening dinner gala at Blue Water Grill, which is one of New York's finest restaurants.

  We had a nice private room and as soon as the event kicked off, the appetizers were passed around. People started coming in and soon we had a full house. There were 24 people at the dinner (including 4 spouses). A sample of the commemorative menu is given opposite (please click the small picture). Our guests included such authors as Frank Brady, Martin Hillyer, David Shenk, and John Donaldson. A good time was had by all and at around 10:30/11 the room emptied as people got ready the next days activities.

Here our gallery of Friday evening (12 pictures).

Saturday morning we all arrived downtown in Tribeca to Citigroup's building around 9:30. Once we got through security, we had a very nice conference room ...
Conference room

The conference room

John Gruska and Andy Ansel

John Gruska and Andy Ansel

... with all the necessary equipment to show presentations (thank you John Gruska).

We had a brief welcome discussion, personal introductions plus a little bit on the KWA and then the talks began.
All were outstanding, informative and professionally presented. But also all were enjoyable to take in.

The morning speaker's included Martin Hillyer going over his book on Thomas Frère and the Frère scrapbooks. Kurt Landsberger presented an English translation of an obscure newspaper that presented some new found evidence on Steinitz's early life. Eric Ruch gave a fascinating talk on Caze's manuscript and perhaps a new date on when correspondence chess began. Jurgen Stigter gave a talk on book projects like the "Scacchia Ludus – Studies in the History of Chess" edited by Hans Holländer and Ulrich Schädler and the Austrian Bibliography project of Robert Karner which brought great discussion.

Then after a quick lunch break the afternoon began. I gave a short discussion on David DeLucia's new book and passed along a proof for all to examine. David Shank gave a nice discussion about his book The Immortal Game and answered some tough questions.
Saturday lunchtime

Saturday lunchtime

The Immortal Game
The new paperback edition of The Immortal Game.  

Duchamp & Man Ray

Larry List gave a very nice presentation about Duchamp and Man Ray and chess. I believe this talk is going to be incorporated into his next catalog which is appearing at the Tate Museum in 2008.

Michael Negele then gave a presentation on the Lasker project and the time table, the goals and also the contributors.

Our second gallery "Saturday Meeting" includes 15 pictures.

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