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Santo Daniele Spina

Our Sicilian member Prof. Santo Daniele Spina is an archaeologist in Catania, at the same time an enthusiastic chess player and chess historian, his list of publications in Italian journals is impressively long.
We are pleased to say that he let us have his contribution "Per un bilancio de fine secolo Catania nel Novecento", Catania July 2000, p. 657ff as an offprint:
"Arcangelo Blandini and Bogoljubow's famous simultaneous exhibiton in Catania" (please click on the above picture). You will find an additional extensive contribution of Santo Spina on Sicily’s chess history in the always recommendable magazine of our friend Romano Bellucci: "Indice bio-bibliografico degli scacchisti attivi in Sicilia (1500-1959)" in Scacchi e Szienze Applicate, fasc. 24 (2004), Venezia, May 2005, p. 24 ff – here is the English abstract (jpg-file). (M.N.)

Marian Stere

With this publication from the year 2009 Marian Stere presents a comprehensive bibliography of the Romanian chess literature which - in addition to printed matters - contains other chess related items as well. Numerous illustrations, mostly in color, adorn the volume which was published by Gambit (Bucharest) in a limited edition. More information and impressions give the pdf files linked below:

Description by the author /
page 30-31 / page 112-113 /
page 116-117 / page 122-127 /
page 164-165 / page 240-241 /
page 274-275 / page 294-296

A review was written by our member Karel Mokry.
Further publication by Marian Stere: Wolfgang Pauly. Challenge of a Legacy (Bucharest, 2001) - Pauly book

Jurgen Stigter

"Reading is dangerous for a book collector. It costs a lot of time ..." as Jurgen says with an ironic undercurrent in KARL 1/2004. Then there’s surely left no time for writing, but after all our club founder from Amsterdam is the author of the most extensive Lasker bibliography I know about. Maybe we will be surprised one day by a printed new edition – the copy on hand is dated 1987.
Furthermore we may point to the following publications of Jurgen Stigter:
"The history and rules of Rithmomachia: the philosopher's game", Delft Ms (about 1989); as well as an obituary of Ken Whyld in "Board Game(s) Studies" No. 6 / 2003, p. 99-101.
After all Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam's contribution "For the love of books" ("Jurgen Stigter's dream of a universal chess bibliography") was published in New In Chess 2008/5 - a six and a half-page article resulting from an interview with Jurgen Stigter.

Hanspeter Suwe

A "Fanzine for Lovers of Castling Affairs, Problem Chess, Chess History and Bibliography"; in 2006 the trio of editors, Hanspeter Suwe, Stephen Rothwell and Andreas Thoma has successfully managed the 7th year of this magazine around the main topic "castling" (publication: three times a year; about 130-150 pp./year). (R.B.)
König & Turm 12/2003

Raj Tischbierek

The 3rd FIDE GM in our association is very active in publishing – the magazine "SCHACH" ( published by him continues the good tradition of the GDR magazine, but also that of the "Deutsche Schachzeitung" – it’s a pity that he couldn’t decide to make this more clear by the heading (and by the count of the years). Raj Tischbierek’s Olympiad book (in those days there were still publishers in Germany – like "Sportverlag Berlin" – who tackled such projects) gives a very pointed presentation of the history of these team matches. (M.N.)


Text on the back

Fishing for Forgeries

... you will learn something more about the book with the gloriously colourful cover at the web page! (R.B.)
Lawrence Totaro

Even the youngest member of our association has already written a book: Within a rarely treated subject – i.e. the chess autographs and their forgeries – he has meticulously dealt with the handwriting and signatures of Bobby Fischer as well as with the fakes having appeared at eBay in particular. In addition to a preface by GM Larry Evans the book contains an analysis by graphologist Sheila Lowe ...

Govert Westerveld

It’s true that our (till now) fourth man in Spain is of Dutch descent but he prefers to research in old Spanish chess and draughts sceneries. In his monumental work published two years ago (in collaboration with José A. Garzón) he summarizes the results of a twenty-year research – it deals with the early history of draughts and its connection to modern chess as well as with the very important part the Queen Isabella of Castile played as a projection figure for these board games. José Garzón (in an online "reprinted" article in Spanish) even considers this book as one of the most valuable works for the Spanish culture! But meanwhile Govert Westerveld is already busy with new book projects, a multi-volume work on the Lucena family is in preparation ...
La reina Isabel la Católica: ...

La reina Isabel la Católica:
su reflejo en la dama poderosa de Valencia,
cuna del ajedrez moderno y origen del juego de damas
(Valencia 2004; large-format, 426 p.)