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Jimmy Adams

Recently a long-standing friend of Ken Whyld has joined us whose outstanding works as a chess publicist may fill complete metres long shelves. (Particularly if you add the volumes of CHESS Monthly which has been edited since August 1991 by Jimmy Adams as a technical editor, then from spring 1992 - after the MacMillam crash – as an editor.)
Impressive are the tournament books published together with Dale Brandreth: Baden-Baden 1925, Bled 1931 or Moscow 1935, each based on the Russian originals, as well as Bogoljubov’s Chigorin biography, translated by Jimmy into English. But my definite favourite is and will remain "Artist of the Chessboard", herewith Johannes Zukertort was finally dedicated in 1989 a worthy game collection and biography. (M.N.)
Johannes Zukertort - Artist of the Chessboard

Josep Alió

Josep Alió has friendly sent me his extensive work: "Els Escacs a Tarragona 1947-1997" (450 pp, more than 130 pictures, written in Catalan, edition of 500 copies published 1999). A splendid work of high quality – congratulations to our Spanish chess historian who is also an excellent chess player. (M.N.)

Andy Ansel

Our Californian friend is a diligent writer for Bob Long’s new magazine "Squares" – in particular he writes about his collecting passion and his very personal experience of chess literature. I like Andy's articles very much and I'm always glad to contribute one or other aspect too. An upgrade of "The King of Collectors and his Peers" appeared in Squares 5 by real teamwork (Andy Ansel, Johannes Fischer and Michael Negele) – including a (rare) photo of Albrecht Buschke. (M.N.)
Squares no. 5

Yuri Averbakh

" Chess on stage and behind the scenes" appeared recently in Moscow 2003 in a marvellous colourful hardcover binding in the series "The Art of Chess" (Publishing House Ripol, - with the subheading "Revelations of a Chess Player, of a Politician and of an Historian" – very promising, dear Grandmaster Yuri Averbakh. (M.N.)

Winning Pawn Structures

Alexander Baburin

Our grandmaster (from Russia), living in Ireland, may forgive me for selecting this book – there was some trouble afterwards with the publisher. Nevertheless I think it very worth mentioning – it describes the "soul of chess". We will refer here to Alexander Baburin's websites: & (M.N.)

Text on the back

Romano Bellucci

Since 1980 the very fine magazine "Scacchi e Scienze Applicate" has appeared at relative irregular intervals, its editor in chief is our friend Romano Bellucci from Venice. It is its aim to show the interrelations between chess and some fields of science. Numerous articles come from Romano’s pen. (M.N.)

2nd ed., Paris 2009
(1701 pages)


Alain Biénabe

In this monumental and yet compact "chess guide" by the pair of authors Nicolas Giffard and Alain Biénabe the latter has dedicated more than 530(!) pages alone to chess composition in the course of which he throws a light on all recesses of this genre – a real treasure trove for problem friends. You may merely regret that this essential reference work only exists in French.
(R.B., III 2012)

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Ralf J. Binnewirtz

Problem friend Ralf Binnewirtz has filled a small gap in chess literature with his "Schlagabtausch im Räuberschach" (Exchange of blows in Losing Chess) – the collection of altogether 160 LC studies and problems is still the only book on this popular chess variant (Dresden 2000, 143 pp.). You will find additional information about losing chess on his private homepage.

Schlagabtausch im Räuberschach

Bernd Gräfrath, RJB & BB

Chess and problem friend Bernd Gräfrath (professor of philosophy at the university of Essen) being on a visit to the KWA webmaster: you don’t see me double here – it’s my twin brother Bodo who by the way quite often gave me some assistance in proof-reading my English concoctions.
Being a very active author Bernd has written some chess philosophical articles on Em. Lasker and during the last years he went increasingly into chess composition especially with retro-analytical problems (among them many LC retros!).


Additional publication:
co-authored by H.-J. Fresen
Obliged to Tradition ... (Venice, 2008)

Iván Bottlik

In 2004 our chess historian from Budapest has presented a concise overview of the Hungarian chess history where a text page is always opposite to a page with photographs or illustrations. It is quite remarkable that the sheet of stamps published at the same time and reproduced on the front (showing a position from the "Hungarian Opening") forms the basis of the book: On each of the 64 stamps a text in miniature has been printed reflecting a phase of Hungarian chess history – they may be read with the help of a magnifying glass. These miniature texts (by Iván Bottlik as well) correspond to a large degree to the book chapters. An original collector’s item supplementing the book! (R.B.)
Kis Magyar Sakktörténet

Additional publications:
- Gyula Breyer. Sein Leben, Werk und Schaffen für die Erneuerung des Schachs (Unterhaching, 1999)
- Szergej Grodzenszkij, Iszaak Romanov, Levelezési sakk (Correspondence Chess; Budapest, 1985)
- Gedeon Barcza, Walter Árpád Földeák, Magyar Sakktörténet 3 (1896-1925) (Hungarian Chess History, vol. 3; Budapest, 1989)
- István Bilek, Walter Árpád Földeák, Magyar Sakktörténet 4 (1922-1944) (Hungarian Chess History, vol. 4; Kossuth, 1996)
- István Bilek, Walter Árpád Földeák, Barcza Gedeon – élete és játszmái (Gedeon Barcza – Life and Games; Budapest, 1990)