First Meeting of the
"Amsterdam Group"


On November 30, 2002, a group of about 20 chess enthusiasts (collectors, chess historians, librarians and second-hand booksellers) met in Johannes Vermeerstraat 37 at the invitation of the Dutch collector Jurgen Stigter.

H.v.d.Heijden, H. Lüders, H. Engberts Harold van der Heijden,
Walter Simon, Horst Lüders,
Hans Engberts

Persons present included (list incomplete):
Yuri Averbakh (Russia), Ken Whyld (UK), Peter Holmgren (Sweden), Walter Simon (Vienna), Bert Corneth, Hans Engberts, Harold van der Heijden, René van der Heijden, Joop Jansen, Gert Timmerman (all Netherland), Harald Balló, Ralf Binnewirtz, Norbert Fieberg, Hans-Jürgen Fresen, Horst Lüders, Michael Negele (all Germany).

Yuri Averbakh,
Harald Balló, Hans Engberts
J. Awerbach, H. Balló, H. Engberts

The project proposed by Jurgen Stigter comprises a complete bibliography of all known chess literature. By intensive use of today’s technology (Internet, electronic databases) this idea should have a good chance of realization.

H.v.d.Heijden, G. Timmermann, J. Jansen Harold van der Heijden,
Gert Timmerman,
Joop Jansen

A decision was made to adopt the name ”Amsterdam Group” initially. The preliminary Board consists of Jurgen Stigter and Michael Negele.

René van der Heijden,
Ralf Binnewirtz, Joop Jansen
R.v.d.Heijden, R. Binnewirtz, J. Jansen

In order to find out how much interest there is in this project world-wide, a questionnaire survey by e-mail should be directed to as many collectors as possible. The questionnaire should also ask if the addressees were willing to assist. Michael Negele agrees to take on this job. The result of this survey will determine further procedures.

B. Corneth, H. Engberts, P. Holmgren Bert Corneth,
Hans Engberts, Peter Holmgren

Michael Negele,
Hans-Jürgen Fresen,
Jurgen Stigter
in Wuppertal)
M. Negele, HJ Fresen, J. Stigter

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