On the Gold Rush's track

(Mechanics' Institute, San Francisco, CA)

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Andy and John

Andy and John in front of the valuable chess books
of the Mechanics’ Institute
John also showed Andy and me all the duplicates from numerous gifts packed in stockrooms in the basement – a real treasure trove.

Finally we went to the historic playing room with its old chess tables – surely the captured pieces should slip into the felt lined compartments.

Chess Room 4th floor

In the Chess Room, 4th floor

Particularly instructive for me was a short "chess lesson" John Donaldson teached me with one of his recently played games, before we went – passing the Mechanics’ Monument – to an absolutely delicious dinner.
The master and his follower

The master and his attentive follower

Mechanics' Monument Mechanics´ Monument

A very successful expedition as the final photo shows.
Californian Dinner

At dinner

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