General Meeting in Amsterdam


Back view of the MEC.
MEC at the rear

Max Euweplein
Peter de Jong, Jurgen Stigter and Michael Negele on the otherwise empty Max Euweplein.

The Max Euweplein full of people – chess must be a crowd puller in Holland!
Max Euweplein

MEC entrance
Bernd Schneider, Jurgen Stigter and Peter de Jong posing at the entrance to the MEC.

Below you see the nameplate beside the door.


1st door to MEC
To reach the innermost of the MEC you have to pass several doors, this is the first one ...

By means of a lift you may effortlessly move upward to the 1st floor.

The sign in the first floor confirms that (inter alia) the MEC resides here.
1st floor

2nd door to MEC Jurgen Stigter and Bernd Schneider arrive at the second door. Both look rather relaxed now.

Behind the third door the way is clear to the "inner sanctum".
3rd door to MEC