General Meeting in Amsterdam


From the club seat to the Max Euwe-Centrum
in pictures

Joh. Vermeerstraat
Starting point Johannes Vermeerstraat; No. 37 – the house of Jurgen Stigter – is known to be the seat of the Ken Whyld Association.

The Rijksmuseum from the rear, only a few minutes to go from the club seat.

     Passing the Rijksmuseum
Passing the Rijksmuseum (sideways).

René van der Heijden, Bernd Schneider and Jurgen Stigter at the edge of a "stretch of water".

Bernd Schneider and Jurgen Stigter are on the right way (namely to the MEC).
Bernd Schneider & Jurgen Stigter

Hotel Smit
The Hotel Smits, for several members the accommodation of their choice during the meeting in the middle of September.

View from the Hein Donner-Bridge (named after the Dutch GM). It’s not far away from the MEC now.
Hein Donner-Bridge

MEC in sight
The Max Euwe-Centrum comes into sight!