Expedition through London -
The Knights and Kings of Chess

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Book market
Naturally our book market shouldn’t turn out too short, Jim Fisher was also pleased about the unusual Sunday selling.

Calle & John Roycroft

Calle Erlandsson and John Roycroft

Book market closed!

The book market has been closed -
Mike Sheehan, Calle Erlandsson and Jurgen Stigter
with the "remaining stock"

in the Pub

In the front 2 x Tony (Peterson and Gillam)
Afterwards we went together to a near pub and continued talking shop.

Only at about 4 pm the general farewell began, but Jimmy Adams and Tony Gillam insisted on still keeping Bert Corneth and me company at a wonderful French dinner in a small but excellent restaurant near Earl’s Court.

London Chess Centre Monday morning

I remember these nice days in London with great pleasure, certainly the closing photo in the London Chess Centre will give expression to this contentment.

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