Expedition through London -
The Knights and Kings of Chess

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Irish Pub

Jimmy Adams, Leonard Skinner and Mark Huba
At the end of this fine tour we again arrived at an (Irish) pub and the impressions were heightened by some glasses of Guinness.

A few stalwarts then went to the shop of the British Chess Magazine and indulged themselves in chess books ...

It’s a pity that our evening meal in an Italian restaurant turned out all too loud due to the unwelcome contributions of some English housewives at the next table ...
Bert Corneth in the chess shop

Bert Corneth, in the background Jurgen Stigter

J. Roycroft & M. Clapham

But next morning that was quickly forgotten as the next paradise for chess collectors had opened its doors for us at an unusual time. Meanwhile Owen Hindle, Michael Clapham, Tony Peterson and Mike Sheehan had arrived as well as the study specialist John Roycroft as a guest – I nearly didn’t succeed in starting our short meeting with a report on our activities ...


left: John Roycroft shakes his head in disbelief,
in front of him Michael Clapham

M. Sheehan, O. Hindle & Bert Corneth

Mike Sheehan, Owen Hindle and Bert Corneth

Tony Peterson & John Roycroft

Tony Peterson (left) meets John Roycroft

Report of the chairman

The chairman's report

... but in the end we could inform our members in full and particularly make our kind guide Jimmy Adams obviously very happy by presenting our Zukertort book to him.
Presenting the Zukertort book

Handing over of the "Zukertort" to Jimmy Adams



Dedication to Jimmy Adams

Dedication to Jimmy Adams

Jimmy Adams with his 'Zukertort'

Jimmy Adams with the dedicated item

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