Expedition through London -
The Knights and Kings of Chess

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After so much chess history it was only appropriate to stroll by the Savoy Theatre (Among other things the chess world championship 1993 between Short and Kasparov was held there.) to the garden and to the memorial to Gilbert and Sullivan – something for our music fans [The Gilbert and Sullivan Operas] - the rest relaxed and looked forward to a glass of beer in the Cole Hole Pub.

Savoy Theatre

The Savoy Theatre

Music fans in the Savoy Garden

Opera fans Jurgen and Andreas
in the Savoy Garden

Relaxing in the garden

Relaxation on the lawn seat -
Bert Corneth, Tony Gillam and John Beasley


Punch Tavern

The "Punch Tavern" tempts with cool beer as well

Somerset House

Somerset House
From there we went on along the Strand to Somerset House where in June 2003 our friend Ken Whyld met for the last time his London friends on the occasion of the opening of "The Art of Chess" ...

... past the Australia House and the Royal Courts of Justice - among other things the renowned chessmen case B.H. Wood (Chess, Sutton Coldfield) v the House of Jaques came up for trial here - which Jimmy knew quite a lot of exciting details to tell about.
Royal Courts of Justice

The Royal Courts of Justice

Fleet Street
Fleet Street

Then to Fleet Street with the numerous newspapers and their chess columns – the most famous of course "The Field", at first ruled by Wilhelm Steinitz, afterwards by his arch enemy Leopold Hoffer.

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